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Contec Medical Systems Co., Ltd.
맞춤 제조업체
Hebei, China
주요 제품:맥박 Oximeter, 초음파 영상, 혈압 모니터, 환자 모니터, ECG
No. 1 다른 가정용 의료 기기 부문 가장 인기 있는ODM services availableGlobal export expertiseCompetitive OEM factoryYears in industry(28)
This supplier has been verified onsite by world-leading inspection company,
세계 최고의 검사 업체에 의해 현장에서 검증됨, TUV Group



*CONTEC Medical Systems Co., Ltd. focusing on research, manufacture and distribution of medical instruments
*Founded in 1996 as a high-tech company.
*CONTEC locates in Economic and Technical Development Zone in Qinhuangdao, covered an area of 125 acres and building area of over 100,000 square meter.

*Serving 150+ countries and regions worldwide, our pulse oximeter products rank first in sales in many parts of the world, while our ECG machines hold the second largest export volume nationwide (according to 2020 China Customs data)